What Will Happen When the Currency Crisis Occurs?

Silver Savers Update is not intended to be a doom-and-gloom blog.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  This is a “prepare to prosper” site!  And, this post is to encourage you to be in the group of the prepared, not in the group that is caught off guard!

Mr. Jim Rickards, a noted economist and author with 35 years of Wall Street “insider” experience, said in a recent investment newsletter:

“I believe the international monetary system is headed for a collapse …. The international monetary system actually has collapsed three times in the past 100 years. It collapsed in 1914.  It collapsed in 1939, and it collapsed in 1971. When it happens, it doesn’t mean the end of the world or that we all go live in caves.

Life went on after each collapse. But each time, the financial “rules of the game” were rewritten.  Right now, the international trading centers [international banking cartel] are quietly rewriting the “rules of the game” once again. Soon, the U.S. dollar will no longer hold its coveted spot as the world’s reserve currency.

Here’s the good news…

No matter what happens in the world — through great disasters and extreme crisis — there are always people who not only survive… but thrive.  When you look at America’s hardest times — the Great Depression and World War II, for example — there were always a few who made fortunes. They saw the crisis coming and took the right steps beforehand to prepare.

Wealth was simply transferred from unprepared Americans to those who took action.  This time will be no different.  And one of the best ways to ensure you’ll be on the winning side of this wealth transfer is by owning gold” [and silver, which is more economically accessible for most people and actually has a much greater up-side potential].

There are three things that always happen when a monetary crisis is “engineered”.

  1. The “solution” always increases the power and control of the world’s financial elite.
  2. The United States always loses a little more of its economic sovereignty.
  3. The population in general always becomes a little more financially enslaved to the world’s financial elite.

One of the most descriptive books concerning global power elites is “Shock Doctrine”, by Naomi Klein, published in 2007.  Mr. Rickards encapsulates the message of Shock Doctrine in the following summary.

“The “Shock Doctrine” … [explains] how power elites such as central bankers, finance ministers and the ultra-rich work behind the scenes to advance their agendas. [If you read my first 6 posts back in January of 2017, you know what those agendas are!] … Political leaders use crises to ramrod policies into place no one would accept in normal times. … power elites have agendas that … include things like world money, global taxation, control of physical gold, population control and other plans intended to increase the power and wealth of the few at your expense. …

They understand that their agenda is highly unpopular.  They also understand that democracy empowers everyday citizens and makes their unpopular plans hard to implement. [that’s why they push socialism]… A shock can take many forms.  It can be a financial panic, terror attack, natural disaster, assassination or other extreme event of a kind that seems to come out of the blue … people become fearful and look to their leaders …  It is at these critical moments that the elites stand ready with a “plan” that will restore order but also secretly advance their agenda.  

[S]hocks are used as a cover to implement plans that you would not accept in ordinary times.  Order is restored at the expense of liberty.  When the shock wears off, the new order remains but liberty is lost forever.  This is the shock doctrine at work.  After each episode, the elites retreat and wait for the next shock, which is always just a matter of time.”

Yes, there really are behind the scenes, high level agendas that the average citizen is not aware of.  After 20 years of research, I could insert, right here, dozens of quotes by names you would recognize verifying this fact.  However, my purpose here is not to focus on exposing individual “internationalists”.  It is to urge you to take action and prosper from the coming currency crisis instead of remaining a victim!

Unsuspecting citizens are purposefully kept so busy focusing on entertainment, sports, technology, pursuing the Joneses, and trying to make ends meet that they fall for the elite-originated labels of “conspiracy hunter” which the main-stream propaganda machine pins on anyone who is trying to help the public open their eyes to reality.  (Read my series of posts in January 2017 entitled “WHY Your Wealth is Being Stolen” and “HOW Your Wealth is Being Stolen”.)

The thing that will make the next currency crisis “shock” so impacting is that it will not happen to just one currency in one country.  In an earlier post, “WHY Your Wealth is Being Stolen …Part 2”, I showed graphs demonstrating that countries all over the globe are victims of the same engineered inflation that is being forced on America by the Federal Reserve.  Thus, this next currency crisis will be a “shock” and an international banking cartel set-up all over the world, not just in the United States!

So, when will this inevitable currency crisis take place?  And, how will the financial rules be “rewritten” when it comes?  Only the international banking cartel “insiders” can answer those questions.  And probably, only the most inner circle of the insiders.  Here is some educated speculation by those who are much more knowledgeable on this subject than I.

  1. It is likely that the dollar will lose its dominance as the world’s official reserve currency. According to the official International Monetary Fund (IMF) website, here is the percentage breakdown of the recognized currencies in the IMF “basket of currencies” as of October 1, 2016.

U.S. dollar                   41.73%

euro                             30.93%

Chinese renminbi        10.92%

Japanese yen               8.33%

British pound               8.09%

If the dollar loses its place as the world’s reserve currency, which many think has already been decided, it could still be traded freely in America, but may meet with the new experience of being rejected as currency in other countries.

  1. Many believe that the world is being moved toward a “cashless” society (computerized “digital” dollars instead of paper currency as a medium of exchange – plastic cards). This will make financial “tracking” more accurate and, therefore, result in greater control by the financial elite.  Others believe a “global” currency is waiting in the wings to replace failing currencies, including the dollar.

(I have always been able to choose to use my debit card like a credit card, thereby being “protected” by credit card regulations.  Upon receiving my new debit card that has a chip in it, I attempted to choose “credit” instead of “debit” when making a purchase, and was told I could not use the new card in that way anymore.  I HAD to choose “debit”.  I’m sure there is some official excuse for this change, such as “security purposes”, but I can’t help but wonder – has this change been quietly implemented to more accurately track the amount and use of the money in my bank account?

  1. It is highly likely that when the dust settles from the next currency crisis shock, the new “rules” may make it much more difficult for the average person to convert the altered medium of exchange into the hard assets of silver and gold. It may also change the rules for small traders in the stock and commodity markets.  Who knows what ultimate goals and timelines are patiently written into the international banking cartel’s financial agenda for the world?

In closing, let me reiterate that change IS on the horizon.  This is an urgent appeal to all who will hear, that right now is the time to take action and begin accumulating hard assets.  They may not be so accessible in the future.  Not everyone is in a position to purchase farm land and mineral rights, income producing properties, commercial buildings, water rights, timber land, hard asset businesses such as railroads, etc.  But, almost everyone can begin acquiring some silver or gold on a regular basis.

Again, this is NOT a doom-and-gloom message.  The purpose of this site is to urge you to prepare to prosper during these economic times.  Don’t be caught off-guard.  ISN is one way that everyone can prepare.  As I’ve said elsewhere, ISN is not your “usual” marketing opportunity.  It’s a very affordable way for the average person to begin preparing to be on the winning side of the greatest wealth transfer in history!

God bless, spread the word, and check out the next update!

David Burleigh


Remember – Integrity begins at home.

Are There Cheaper Ways to Purchase Silver?

The answer to this question is, yes, you might find another source that will let you save a few dimes on the upfront purchase price.  But, the REAL question is, what are your reasons for wanting to purchase silver?  If you just want to make a one-time purchase so you can say you own some, by all means, go for the cheapest price you can find.  But, if you are interested in real wealth preservation and protecting your purchasing power, there are many other factors to consider!

First, you MUST understand the gravity of the current economic conditions world-wide.  At this point in history, saving precious metals is not just an exercise in “bargain hunting”.  It may be crucial for your financial health to save as much as possible as quickly as you can!  You MUST read my first posts back in January 2017 entitled “WHY Your Wealth is Being Stolen!” and “HOW Your Wealth is Being Stolen!”  Only when you fully understand the ramifications and the dangers of the world-wide currency crisis that is now brewing, can you determine the option that best fits your particular circumstances.

If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars laying around that you want to convert to silver, yes, you may find a way to “take ownership” of silver bullion that has a “cheaper” up-front cost than purchasing silver through ISN.  But there may be “hidden” costs, strings, requirements and disadvantages in other areas.  First, let’s look at the advantages of converting your fiat currency to silver & gold through ISN.

Advantages of ISN

ISN may not be THE least expensive way to acquire silver & gold of all the avenues out there, but it is definitely at the “cheaper” end of the spectrum.  And, there are some HUGE advantages with ISN.  Here are a few that are particularly important in light of the current economic conditions.

  1.  The silver & gold is discreetly sent straight to your home.  You have physical possession, which means it is instantly accessible when you want it.  You don’t have to pay any more “fees”, charges, commissions or penalties to withdraw your precious metals from some storage location and have it sent to you.  You immediately control it.  You are not at the mercy of changing institutional regulations, government restrictions or un-foreseen economic or political circumstances that could deter you from actually holding your precious metals in your own hands.
  2. There are NO “minimum purchase amounts” as often required with other companies that sell silver & gold bullion.  You may purchase $50,000 of gold bullion, or you may purchase one Silver Eagle coin.  If you DO wish to purchase a large sum, of course, there are generous “price breaks”.  This makes ISN very affordable for the average person.
  3. If you wish to “accelerate” your acquisition of silver & gold, you may do so by attracting “customers” to your online ISN silver & gold “store”, or by starting your own home-based silver & gold business, thereby compounding your accumulation of silver & gold exponentially.  This allows you to receive silver & gold as commissions instead of receiving depreciating currency, and is the fastest way to build your holdings of precious metals outside of already having a very large sum with which to make a one-time purchase.  Many choose this route.
  4. Your silver & gold is not trackable like it would be if it were held through some institution or “vault” program.  NO ONE knows how much you have unless you want them to know.  There are other firms which will send precious metals to your home, however, you most likely will have to meet a minimum purchase requirement to get their “low” price, and they don’t offer you the ability to accelerate your holdings apart from making continual purchases or possibly receiving a small “referral” commission.
  5. Because you have physical possession of your gold & silver, if the price surges, you may choose to liquidate it at any time you choose.  You don’t have to miss an opportunity.

Silver & Gold IRA Programs

If you don’t mind coordinating between your IRA account holder, your bullion dealer and a separate depository where your bullion is stored, you can open a silver & gold IRA.  Taking this route depends solely on what your purposes and financial goals are.  This is basically a “buy and hold” strategy.  In the light of our current economic conditions, here are what I consider to be the dis-advantages of this strategy.

  1.  You do not have physical possession of your gold & silver bullion.  It must be kept in an acceptable depository.  Declared emergency economic conditions may prevent you from being able to access your silver & gold when you want, thus rendering it useless to you.
  2. You must adhere to all the normal IRA guidelines concerning, taxes, minimum age requirements before withdrawal without penalties, commissions, fees, etc.  And, you are dealing, not with just one set of government regulations, but in most cases, with the requirements and conditions of three separate entities.
  3. If the price of the precious metals “peaks” before you reach the required withdrawal age and starts going back down, you will have to watch the value of your account decline without being able to do anything about it unless you are willing to incur an “early withdrawal fee” (probably around 10%).

Vault Storage Programs

There are companies through which you can purchase bullion in large quantities at a discounted price, and they store the bullion for you.  These “bulk” acquisitions usually offer the cheapest price per ounce.  According to our purposes, here are some of the disadvantages of these programs.

  1.  You don’t have physical possession of the bullion.  It is stored in “vaults” in cities like London, Zurich, Toronto, Singapore or New York.
  2. In addition to taxes, there is a storage fee, plus a whole list of other potential fees, charges and penalties.
  3. If you wish to “withdraw” the bullion and have it sent to you, you must meet certain conditions, pay extra fees, pay a Value Added Tax (VAT) and experience a time delay before you have actual physical possession of your precious metals.  This could result in lost opportunities.  And, in the end, your bullion didn’t wind up costing less after all!
  4. In vault programs, there is usually a minimum purchase requirement, or a requirement to purchase a certain size “bar”.  This may put this form of bullion acquisition beyond the reach of the average citizen.
  5. If your bullion is stored in a vault outside of the U.S. and the amount of your holdings reaches $10,000, you will be required to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) annually to the U.S. Treasury Department.  In other words, you HAVE to report your bullion holdings to the government, and it is therefore trackable.
  6. If you have over $50,000 of bullion in one of these vault locations, you must report the amount on your annual tax return on form 8938.
  7. You may also be subject to the reporting of your vault holdings under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which was established to combat tax evasion by U.S. citizens who hold financial assets outside of the United States.
  8. Court orders, “suspicious” activity in your account, or the Money Laundering Regulations of 2007 may result in your bullion holdings information being turned over to authorities.  You are vulnerable to any number of possible complications.  (Isn’t it funny how the Money Laundering Regulations of 2007 can be used against regular citizens but cannot be applied to the greatest money laundering scheme in history being pulled off right now by the international banking cartel through their central banks such as the Federal Reserve!)

Precious Metal ETFs

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are funds that track the market value of a certain category of stocks, an index, a commodity such as silver or gold, etc.  With a silver ETF, you don’t actually own silver bullion.  You simply profit from the fluctuations of it’s price, or the fluctuations of the stock price of a company who is “mining” the metal.  Since an ETF is a “trading” tool, there are commissions, fees, etc.  ETF investing can be pretty complicated in that it can involve terms like leverage, put & call options, Bull/Bear ETFs, Short ETFs, etc.  It generally requires dependence on a broker.  One enterprising and engaging program manager I know of, advertises a method of investing in silver or gold ETFs and simultaneously using options to create a monthly ROI (Return On Investment), in addition to profiting from the rising value of the ETF.  The catch is you have to pay him thousands of dollars up front to gain access to his method, have a large brokerage account and then you rely on his personal, ongoing recommendations.

The Bottom Line

So, the bottom line to the question “Are there cheaper ways to purchase silver?” is this.  Yes, there are sources that may save you a little money on the up-front purchase price.  But, that is only ONE factor to consider.  Here are some others.  Can you take actual physical possession of the silver or gold?  Do you have to pay some additional fees or charges to do so?  Do you have to meet a “minimum purchase amount” requirement to get the company’s advertised low price?  Does the company offer any way to accelerate your accumulation of silver & gold other than just making more purchases?  Are there any other costs, conditions or requirements that must be met?  Can the average person benefit from the company’s purchasing program?  Do you truly understand what is REALLY happening to our currency and how critical it is that you prepare by accumulating as much silver & gold as you can, as rapidly as you can?

God bless, spread the word, and check out the next update!

David Burleigh


Remember — Integrity begins at home.

Which “Package” Should I Join With?

The above title may not be correct grammar.  But it’s the quickest way to get the thought out there.  Let me preface my remarks by saying the following.

Your relationship with your spouse is far more important than a few hundred dollars of silver & gold!  Don’t start World War 3 at home just to come in at a higher level.  Protecting your relationship is a much higher priority than making more money.  If you have a spouse that is not totally on board, but trusts you enough to say “if that’s what you want, go for it”, then you are truly blessed.  Don’t ever borrow money or make your family suffer just to come in at the highest level — in ANY program.  Now, with that said, let’s move on.

If you are reading this Update, you have probably already been on either my own or my affiliate’s  www.SilverSaversGlobal.com website.   At the time of this writing, there are 3 membership packages in ISN.  If the membership packages have changed when you read this post, just apply these comments to whatever the membership packages are when you join.

Remember, whether you simply wish to open a free savings account and save silver & gold on a monthly basis as a customer, or whether you want to accumulate accelerated wealth with a silver & gold home-based business, either way when “purchasing” silver & gold, you are not saying “good bye” to your money.  You still “own it”!  You are merely changing the form it is in.  You are trading in some of your rapidly depreciating colored paper for REAL money that has not lost it’s purchasing power for 5,000 years!

You are actually trading up.  You are exchanging inferior paper currency for a more superior form of money, stable silver & gold!  Then, you can put it in the safe and accumulate a small fortune.  If you think about it, who wouldn’t want to do that?!  If the act of “saving” is smart, then saving in the form of silver & gold is extra smart.

And, that doesn’t just apply to your “membership package”.  Every monthly “product purchase” of silver & gold is adding to your accumulation of REAL wealth, NOT costing you money with products that continually get used up and have to be replaced!  What other network marketing company lets you do that, in addition to building the typical residual income that most people join a network marketing company for?!

If you are interested in an international home-based business, and you join with one of our company packages, you are not just buying “membership rights” to conduct business in the company name, or spending your money for required products that have no accumulation power.  You are actually making your first “exchange” of shrinking fiat currency for stable, permanent, hard assets that you will have forever  (unless you choose to liquidate them back into currency at some point in the future).

The three current membership packages are the BASIC PORTFOLIO for $199.95; the PLUS PORTFOLIO for $399.95; and the PREMIUM PORTFOLIO for $799.95.  Each succeeding package gives you a higher content of silver & gold.  If you can’t afford the Premium Portfolio right now, then enter with the Basic Portfolio for $199, or the Plus Portfolio for $399.  That way, you don’t create a hardship for yourself just to get started.

At first glance, these membership packages may seem pricey, but they are not out of line with most “successful” networking companies at all.  In fact, there is really NO comparison.  That’s because you will be receiving permanent, hard assets that add to your accumulation of REAL wealth, not paying for disappearing products that have to be re-purchased over and over, or services that re-start at zero every month, etc.

In fact, ALL other networking products and services revolve in some way around depreciating “fiat currency” (paper currency that is not backed by, nor redeemable for, any hard asset like silver or gold, but is backed only by faith in a Central Bank such as the Federal Reserve).

Although any of the ISN entry packages is an “upgrade” to your currency, I always suggest the PREMIUM PORTFOLIO, if you can afford it, for the following reason.

As a futures trader, I always look at the risk/reward ratio.  When I consider the money needed to start most businesses (usually anywhere from $10,000 to $1,000,000+), and I consider the PPP (personal profit potential) compared to the personal profit potential of a “serious” networker who gives the same effort as someone diligently working a “brick & mortar” business, $799 is the best “start-up” risk/reward ratio on the planet!  Especially considering you are building TRUE wealth with silver & gold, AND building an on-going residual income to boot (without all the hassle and expense of employees, payroll, overhead, insurances, fica, unemployment, etc., etc.).

In OUR business, you don’t have to spend months creating a 25 page business plan, convince a banker, and then be in DEBT that has to be re-paid whether your business is successful or not.  You replace all of that with the small amount of $799 and sweat equity (or elbow grease as my grandma used to say).  And, there is NO cap on your income.  AND, you don’t even risk losing the $799!  You still have it in the form of silver & gold which will probably increase in value anyway!

The investment/profit ratio is a no-brainer!  Throw in the Time and Freedom factors you have after a year or two (especially with the inexpensive method we teach, which 99% of all the Top Earners REALLY use to build their large downlines), and the risk factor is practically zero compared to other business start-ups.

The HUGE in-tangible issue is “Quality of Life”.  The main unknown is, as your own boss, will you stay motivated?  Everybody has to “work” so many hours a day somewhere.  Why not begin, part-time, converting those hours over into building YOUR business instead of someone else’s?

As I said, if you can afford it, I always recommend the PREMIUM PORTFOLIO.

Let me say again, this is only ONE of the nine ways you are paid in our company!  There’s also matching bonuses, downline “residual income”, monthly retail income from your internet “store”, car bonuses, leader pools, and others.  And with a uni-level compensation plan, you can have as many people in your first generation as you wish, and they can have as many people in THEIR first generation as they want, down to eight generations!  You are not restricted in the width of your organization.

Now you see why I always recommend that everyone who can, join the company with the PREMIUM PORTFOLIO.  It not only enables you to build your business and your income much faster, but it’s by far the best value for your “money”!

God bless, spread the word, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember — Integrity begins at home.

As Your Own Boss … Three Things You Must Do!

Having your own business is a two edged sword.  The good news is … you are your own boss!  The bad news is … you are your own boss!

When people find out that I trade futures, I get questions like “Don’t most traders lose money?”  “That’s pretty risky isn’t it?”  “Isn’t that kind of like gambling?”  The answer to all those questions is “Not if …..”.

There’s a lot of similarities between network marketing and trading futures.  It IS possible to stumble your way into success in both, but only after spending/losing thousands of dollars and a few years of getting beat up until you finally piece some things together.  Both can create great wealth, but there are 3 things that generally HAVE to happen before a person achieves success in either.  Here they are.

1.  You have to treat Trading like a “serious” business, not like a hobby.  Like any serious business, you must be diligent in educating yourself, gaining experience and researching until you find a trading methodology that works for you.  You must hone your skills and maintain a good, consistent “work ethic”.   90% of traders probably DO lose money.  But it is because they are “dabbling”.  They are not committed to it as the serious business it is and therefore, don’t stick it out until they do become successful.  The nice thing about trading is that you can take a break or a vacation whenever you want.  But, when you return to work, you’re serious about it.

In network marketing, to be successful, you must treat it like a “serious” business, not like a hobby that you work on whenever you feel like it.  Even if it’s just a “part-time” business, if you want it to be “financially successful”, you must maintain a diligent and consistent work ethic.  How long do you think a “brick and mortar” retail business would survive if you continually procrastinated and just showed up to open the doors whenever you felt like it, or when you didn’t have anything else you’d rather be doing instead?  To be successful in networking, you must commit to “showing up” for work every day you are scheduled, just as though you were working for someone else. The difference is, you make your own schedule.  And, in network marketing, you can take a break or a vacation when you need to, but you must be able to return to “work” and immediately be back in that same serious working mode.

2.  You must have a “trading plan”.  Every good trader knows that if you follow your emotions in and out of trades, it won’t be long before your brokerage account will be empty!  With a written trading plan, you have pre-determined through research and “back-testing” what methodology you will use.  You know what set ups you are watching for, and when they appear, you have pre-planned entry and exit strategies.  You have pre-set “trigger” rules.  You stick to your “money management” rules and your profit/loss ratio parameters.  In short, you trust your plan and follow your trading rules, not your emotions.  You achieve success by sticking to the plan.  That keeps you out of many “losing” trades.  Even though they may tweak it occasionally, successful traders have their trading plan in writing and follow it, every day.  That keeps them alive and in the hunt.  Even though they experience a few losses along the way, by following a proven trading plan, their gains far outweigh their loses.

As a network marketer, you also need to have a “business plan” that you stick to consistently. First, you must “believe” in the product or cause, so that the inevitable stumbles along the way won’t steal your enthusiasm and cause you to give up. And, you need a simple, written guideline, or plan of business, to help you stay on track and be productive every day you work your business. There’s just something about keeping your written goals and objectives in sight that keeps you on track. (I share my “business plan” with my affiliates if they need help with theirs.)  A network marketing business plan doesn’t have to be complicated. It can list the days and hours you are going to work your “business”, the procedures you are going to follow, your goal on the phone, your social media plan, etc.  It can also say how you are going to track your progress.  It’s ok to flex with schedules, but there can’t be frequent slacking off in the amount of time spent, or before you know it, 2 weeks will have passed since you last “worked” your business.  Would a boss accept your reasons for not wanting to come to work?

3.  In trading, you should have a successful “mentor”.  If you have deep enough pockets and a relentless “stick-to-it” drive, it might pay off big in the end.  But the odds for success are far greater and, it is far easier (and cheaper) to find someone who is already successful, that meets the first two requirements, and who is willing to teach you how to be successful at trading.  I’m not talking about the “gurus” who make their money by selling you their courses.  I’m talking about an active, successful trader that is truly interested in helping “you” become successful.

In Network marketing, unless you are already a self-motivated, top achiever with a successful track record and a proven system, you should also have a “mentor”.  By a mentor, I mean someone who has already bloodied their knees and elbows a little on their way to being successful, AND someone who is seriously interested in YOU, not just in how you increase THEIR bottom line.  You want a mentor that exhibits the seriousness about the business that we have been talking about, and who will not only give you trustworthy  guidance, but who will also gently shoot straight with you if they see you “straying”.  (Not a “boss”, but an upline  guide with integrity.)  And, you won’t need them forever.

If you’ve been on a SilverSaversGlobal website, you know that the main business-building method we teach is the one that is REALLY used by 99% of the top earners in networking.

Obviously, self-discipline is a key factor in being a successful networker.  You have to be the kind of person that can stay diligent in your work without some boss looming over your shoulder making sure you are working.  Of course, there is flexibility and choice connected to networking.  You decide whether you want a residual income of $500 a month or $10,000 a month, and you adjust your work ethic and business plan accordingly.  And, if you have the right method, and a good work ethic, you might even eventually work yourself into the 1 %!

Even more than poor self-discipline, I believe an even bigger deterrent to success in network marketing is the lack of self-motivation.  If you lack the ability to keep yourself motivated, but have to depend on someone else to constantly keep you motivated, (like the threat of being fired!) then don’t give up your job working for the man.  At least that way you’ll have food on the table and your lights turned on.  Leaders in network marketing, as in any other business, don’t have the time to continually hold someone’s hand who drains them of their time and emotional energy by constantly needing to be re-motivated.

I explain my motivation in the very first “Why” and “How” series of posts back in January 2017.  Your motivation doesn’t have to be so internationally serious, but I believe that successful networkers must have a motivation behind their efforts beyond just making a lot of money.  Some networkers’ motivation is their family.  To some, it is simply to build a residual income stream so that later, they are able to channel part or most of their efforts in other directions about which they are passionate.  Everyone needs a cause.

So, the bottom line is this.  Network marketing can be VERY financially rewarding and fulfilling IF, as your own boss,  you earnestly apply the 3 things mentioned above.  But if you don’t have the self-motivation to be your own boss and stick to a plan without constant supervision, then enjoy your “hobby”.

God bless, stay motivated, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember — Integrity begins at home.



What if There Were No “CAUSE”?

In my first 7 Updates, I have focused on WHY and HOW your wealth is being stolen.  I did this for 2 reasons.

First, I wanted to explain Why and How I personally acquired a passion for the International Silver Network after saying “NO” to network/internet marketing for 20 years.  It wasn’t that I was shopping a bunch of networking companies and the one I picked just happened to be ISN.  As I said before, I was not very open to networking, internet or otherwise.  The importance of ISN’s cause and products just worked their way into my heart because of my 20 years of research on what’s really happening to America and why.  In my mind, this research gave massive credibility to the mission of ISN.

Secondly, I wanted to impress upon you the fact that, because of what is happening in the world right now, there is a cause behind ISN that can’t be said for any other networking/internet company out there!  It is crucial that everyone begins accumulating “hard assets” immediately, and ISN is emerging as a premier way for the average person to begin acquiring silver and gold in the quickest way possible.

BUT, what if there were no urgent “cause”.  What if there were no currency crisis on the horizon, there were no elitists trying to steal your wealth, the economy was in great shape with no road bumps in sight, it was business as usual, and there was no cause for you to join ISN other than just as another networking business opportunity that would allow you to work from home.

What if it Were Just a Regular Business Opportunity?

Even without the “cause”, ISN would still be one of the best and smartest moves for anyone looking for a serious business opportunity.  There are several reasons.

  1.  Silver and gold are recognized all over the world as the ONLY real source of stable “money”!  They have no geographical boundaries like currencies do.
  1. Silver and gold are the only sources of money that have maintained their purchasing power for centuries, through every single economic up and down. Silver and gold still buy the same amount of goods now that they did centuries ago.
  1. Everybody already wants silver and gold or wishes they had more. There’s no need to have to convince anyone of the value of your product or talk them into wanting it like there sometimes is with other products.
  1. Silver and gold are desired by people of all nationalities around the globe, not just by a target market. Nearly everyone in the world is a prospect for your silver and gold business.
  1. When you purchase other products, after a while, both your money AND the product are gone forever. But, with ISN, your product, silver and gold, is permanent and can grow into a fortune.  So the money you “spend” on product is never lost or wasted.  It’s still yours.  It just stops depreciating!
  1. With ISN, you don’t “buy” anything.  You merely “trade” an inferior, unstable form of money for a superior, more stable form of money which can then grow in value.
  1. In most other companies, the only way you can build real “wealth” is to recruit enough consistent business builders so that eventually, you have a large residual income.  Then you exchange some of that fiat currency for “hard assets”. With ISN, the product itself is what creates your true wealth.  Plus, you gain a residual income to boot.
  1. Because every person in your ISN Affiliate network can take their “commissions” in silver and gold, and it is counted toward your next month’s group bonus volume for further “commissions”, ISN is the fastest way for the average person to leverage their efforts and their earnings into maximum wealth creation.
  1. Silver and gold represent “legacy” wealth that can be handed down and added to for generations.
  1. Acquiring silver and gold in this way makes them un-trackable and your wealth invisible;  not traceable and exposed like savings accounts and other forms of assets.
  1. Silver and gold can never go to zero like fiat currencies eventually do.
  1. Being less expensive than gold, silver is much more accessible and has much more “upside” potential.
  1. With most forms of “insurance”, you say “goodbye” to your money by preparing for something “bad” to happen to you.  With silver and gold as “financial insurance” against inflation and economic turmoil, you not only keep your money, you are preparing for something “good” and beneficial to you.
  1. Silver has liquidity, is easy to convert, and is portable, meaning you can move it around easily.
  1. Because of its unique qualities of electrical and thermal conductivity, its limited supply, and the industrial world’s growing appetite for silver in products like computers, cellular technology, solar technology, medical equipment, televisions, etc., silver has become indispensable in the industrial and jewelry worlds, and will never go down in demand.

We could go on and on, but I have to stop somewhere.  Add to all these reasons and more, the fact that there really IS a cause behind ISN, a huge life-changing one, and a silver & gold business is a no-brainer for those wanting to work from home or have a successful internet marketing business.

Even if you have consumable products that you don’t want to give up, here’s a suggestion.  Using the business-building method we teach, you can build real “wealth” with your ISN, world-wide silver & gold business, then from your residual income, buy the consumable products you want to keep using.  This way, you build REAL wealth AND get the benefit of the products you like!

Whether you want to build an international silver & gold business, or whether you simply want to open a silver & gold savings account, ISN can make a HUGE financial impact in your life, if it hasn’t already!

God bless, spread the word, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember – Integrity begins at home.

Conspiracy Theory? … Read This!

After reading my first few Updates about “WHY” Your Wealth is being Stolen and “HOW” Your Wealth is being Stolen, someone made the comment to me that “It sounds like one of those ‘conspiracy theories’.”  It’s very important that you are not deceived by these defaming “labels”.  Please read this Update in its entirety.  I may never talk this way on this site again, but I want to point out two things to you that I hope will put the “conspiracy theory” label to bed once and for all.

Webster defines conspiracy as: “a planning and acting together secretly, especially for a harmful purpose.”

 First of all, “conspiracy” is not a 20th century concept.  The entire history of the world revolves around conspiracy.

All of History Revolves Around Conspiracy!

According to some of the oldest recorded history on earth, Lucifer conspired against God and was kicked out of Heaven to earth, where he conspired against Adam and Eve and still conspires against you and me today.  Cain conspired against Abel.  The Medes, Persians, Assyrians, Babylonians, and a host of other nations conspired against ancient Israel and still do to this day, only under different names.

The Sanhedrin conspired against Jesus and later against Paul.  Brutus was part of a conspiracy that stabbed Julius Caesar to death.  Conspiracy was the order of business between medieval European and English royalty.  Conspiracy spawned the overthrow of King James II of England in 1688, the French Revolution in 1830, the Chinese Revolution of 1911, the Bolshevik Revolution in the U.S.S.R. in 1917, the Czechoslovakian coup of 1948, the Cuban Revolution of 1959, the so-called Islamic Revolution by the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, and a thousand other revolts, revolutions and coups around the world.  And, that’s not to mention World War I, World War II and all the other wars.

Conspiracy propelled an occult driven Adolph Hitler to such power that it shook the world.  John F. Kennedy was conspired to an early death trying to break the country free from the grip of the world elite conspirators who control the American economy.  America itself conspired its own freedom from the British Empire in the 1770s.  “Conspiracies” have overthrown the governments of nearly every nation on earth at least once, some many times.

Rulers such as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler and dozens of others have dreamed of conquering the world.  To think that there would NOT be a present day conspiracy to overthrow America, the juiciest plum in all of history, would be absolutely absurd.  (Especially when there are those among the current world’s elite who have openly admitted to this very ambition.)

Only now, for the first time in history, the technology to bring the whole world under one economic and financial system actually exists for those who have the will and the wealth to make it happen.  And, it would be a total departure from ALL of history if there were not those who did have the will and the ambition for this very objective!

All conspiracies, whether in the school house, the court house, the white house or the church house, or whether in the board room or the war room, are conceived in secrecy and intended to exert someone’s will and benefit over someone else’s.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Labeling!

Secondly, where do you think that these modern day “conspiracy” labels originated?  Do you think that all the people in America who know that there is an attempt to deliberately gut the Constitution got together one day and said “From now on, let’s call ourselves Conspiracy Theorists or Conspiracy Hunters”?

Or, do you think that the millions of people who know that this country was founded on the religious foundation that is now under such blatant attack, held a convention one week-end and decided to declare themselves “Right Wing Extremists”,  “the Radical Right” or “alt-right”?

Of course not!

The Best Defense is a Good Offense!

You see, the international financial elite know what every good football coach in America knows.  The best defense is a good offense.  So THEY created those labels so that they could discredit in the public’s eye those who are trying to alert the country to what is really happening.  This massive intimidation tactic is designed to dis-hearten, dis-courage and deceive mainstream Americans into believing that they are the vastly out-numbered minority.  In reality, it is exactly the opposite!

This accomplishes two purposes.  First, it vilifies those who are trying to expose the truth, destroying their credibility among those who rely on the mainstream media propaganda machine for their world view.  Secondly, it keeps the spotlight of public scrutiny turned toward the “conspiracy theorists” and away from the true conspirators so they can continue to carry out their plan unhindered behind closed doors.

One play-book tactic of modern day conspirators and their political and journalistic “middle men” is to muddle the air with so many fabrications, fanned by the media, that the public is hit with them from several different directions and sources at once, so assumes they must be true.

The reason this tactic is being so successful is because the public just can’t fathom that this kind of journalistic and political demagoguery could take place right here in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.  THAT’s only supposed to happen in communist countries.  Like the proverbial frog in a pan of water, they don’t realize that the socialistic temperature of the political climate in our country has been slowly but constantly turned up higher and higher.

And, this “middle men” corps of intelligent but misguided figureheads tries to bully, intimidate and discredit any public figure who does not fall into line with their “progressive” agenda.  The goal is not integrity.  The goal is to achieve and maintain the power, regardless of the tactics necessary to win it.

The general public has been so continuously bombarded with those labels by the Elite controlled mainstream media, their voices dripping with the arrogant ooze of authority, that the public doesn’t stop to consider how these labels came into existence.  They just accept the negative connotations that those labels are intended to imply.

A mis-informed public buys into the trickery that those who are “labeled” must be bad, otherwise a “credible” national media wouldn’t be vilifying them.  And, that’s exactly the mind-set that the originators of those labels depend on and strive to produce!  Do you see how all the deceptive pieces fit?

On the flip side of that coin, the mainstream propaganda machine does everything it can to influence a gullible public as to whom it SHOULD admire.  A recently published list of “The Most Trusted People in America”, was picked up and touted all across the media as gospel.  The list was overwhelmingly loaded with media personalities, actors/actresses and non-conservatives from other fields.  In fact, the top 7 out of 10 were from the movie/TV industries.  Billy Graham came in at a dismal #67.

Come to find out, only a “representative sample of over 1,000 American adults” were selected to participate in the poll (selected from which segment of the ideological spectrum?).  And, they were given only a carefully-picked list of 200 people from which to choose in the first place, so the results were hardly “random”.   Participants simply chose who would be in the top half of the pre-selected  list of 200.  But, those facts were left out in the presentation of the list!  So, a very skewed poll of who Americans really trust was presented to the public as fact.

Our Founding Fathers Were … Radical Right Wingers

True patriots and conservatives are now being labeled as conspiracy hunters, and those who know the true historical moral foundation upon which our country was laid, are NOW being labeled as right wing extremists, or the alt-right.  In a move to separate us from the knowledge of our God-honoring heritage, this powerful group is labeling anything connected with the founding fathers as “right wing” and bad.

And, since this group of “social engineers” has maneuvered the re-writing of the history books the way THEY want it presented, we have a generation that doesn’t know what the founding fathers really believed!  Thus, they have been educationally programmed to be susceptible to the socialist world view.  This is the generation the conspirators are targeting, not the baby boomers who were taught the truth about America’s beginnings.

This game plan is intended to foster a negative mind-set toward anything related to our traditional understanding of our nation’s early history.  In my WHY Your Wealth is being Stolen updates, I explained how the motivation behind this agenda is to move us away from our historical roots so we can be tricked and maneuvered into socialism.

If the world’s financial elite will go to such extremes to deceive us and to vilify and discredit truth-seekers in order to protect themselves and their plan, is it so hard to believe that they would plot to legally steal your wealth and hoard the true money of silver and gold?  Don’t be fooled by all the labeling!  If you run across those who have fallen prey to this labeling ruse, please point them to this Update.

God bless, spread the word, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember – Integrity begins at home.

“HOW” Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 3

In HOW Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 2, I talked about the most powerful monopoly in the world and how, through the Federal Reserve, it is stealing your money.  Today, I will end this exposé on the Federal Reserve and the noose it has waiting for you.

First, let me say something very important.  Some of you, as loyal citizens, may feel you are doing something un-patriotic by exchanging some of your U.S. dollars for silver or gold.  You need to understand something.  Your country doesn’t own those dollars!  The Federal Reserve does!  That means they actually belong to the international banking cartel.

Take out a bill of any denomination and look at it.  It says “Federal Reserve Note”.  You are not hurting America by trading your currency for hard assets.  You are helping your family financially.  And, that’s one of the best things you can do for your country!

The Federal Reserve Pays NO Taxes!

The private Federal Reserve makes billions of dollars of profit a year and pays NO taxes. Not to mention the billions of dollars that these international financiers make personally on their foreknowledge of the Fed’s actions. The Fed was set up as the only organization in America that is not subject to outside audit, or to investigation by the IRS. And, because these world financiers own huge media holdings, no mainstream media outlet will participate in exposing them.

There is a simple solution to restore America to a stable and thriving economy. However, it would require what would become the epic battle of the century. If we followed the Constitution, the Treasury Department would print U.S. Treasury Notes or Silver Certificates for currency, backed by silver reserves, without going through the Fed.  The people would own the money. There would be no debt and no need to “re-pay” anyone, and the country’s economy would soar!

But the international banking cartel doesn’t want that.  (No wonder there is such an attack on “traditional” interpretations of the Constitution!)

The Greatest Ponzi Scheme in History!

The Federal Reserve has been called the greatest ponzi scheme in the history of the world! This system has NO alternative outcome but to continually increase the national debt (and consistently decrease your purchasing power)!  The way to personally combat this ongoing wealth transfer is to start exchanging some of YOUR declining dollars for hard assets, immediately.

Hopefully, you have now been relieved of any patriotic guilt you felt for exchanging your depreciating international banking cartel dollars for hard assets.

A great resource on the Federal Reserve is a book entitled “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, published by American Media. It’s long, but informative. There are many others.

What Will Happen if There IS a Currency Crisis?

Mr. Jim Rickards, a noted economist and author with 35 years of Wall Street “insider” experience, said in a recent investment newsletter:  “I believe the international monetary system is headed for a collapse …. The international monetary system actually has collapsed three times in the past 100 years. It collapsed in 1914.  It collapsed in 1939, and it collapsed in 1971. When it happens, it doesn’t mean the end of the world or that we all go live in caves.

Life went on after each collapse. But each time, the financial “rules of the game” were rewritten.  Right now, the international trading centers [international banking cartel] are quietly rewriting the “rules of the game” once again. Soon, the U.S. dollar will no longer hold its coveted spot as the world’s reserve currency.

Here’s the good news…

No matter what happens in the world — through great disasters and extreme crisis — there are always people who not only survive… but thrive.  When you look at America’s hardest times — the Great Depression and World War II, for example — there were always a few who made fortunes. They saw the crisis coming and took the right steps beforehand to prepare.

Wealth was simply transferred from unprepared Americans to those who took action.  This time will be no different.  And one of the best ways to ensure you’ll be on the winning side of this wealth transfer is by owning gold [and silver, which is more economically accessible for most people].”

What Does This Have to do With Network Marketing?

The International Silver Network is the only network/internet marketing program that I know of that is actually preparing individuals for this potential world-wide currency crisis!  While the Federal Reserve controls the money supply, the continuing decline of your purchasing power is inevitable.  And, as long as the Fed is in power, it assures an outstanding opportunity for those with the foresight to acquire hard assets!  ISN is actually equipping people to become a beneficiary instead of a victim of this wealth transfer!

You MUST Get Your Neck Out of the Noose!

These elite international financiers are deadly serious about bankrupting the middle class! They have spent many decades steadily building their own global “assets”, stealthily stalking you, lassoing you, getting you on their attractive looking horse, quietly slipping the noose around your neck, and throwing the lasso over a tree limb. Now, they are steadily drawing the noose tighter and tighter.  And, with all the dis-information and advice being put out by their surrogate financial and media institutions, they are confident that you won’t get wise.

At some point in the future, they plan to slap that horse on the rump, take your money, and suddenly leave you dangling! Think 2008 market crash on steroids.  (The average savers lost 25% of their savings, or 2.5 trillion dollars.  That money transferred to somebody.)  And, the whole process has been almost undetected.

 Are we as helpless as they want us to believe?  I, for one, don’t think so!  They haven’t tied our hands yet, so we can still shake the fog from our heads, jerk that noose off of our necks, spur that horse, and get the heck out of there.

But you must take some personal action, soon. Even if it involves something else other than ISN.  I believe there IS hope, and there IS time, but whatever you choose to do, you must start now!

The Silver Savers Global website highlights several important and practical reasons to affiliate with ISN apart from any philosophical or “political” understanding.  Your reasons may be completely different than mine.  But, in WHY Your Wealth is being Stolen and HOW Your Wealth is being Stolen, it was important to me to share the experiences and motivations that drew me personally to the company that has a world-wide cause behind it like no other network/internet marketing company out there!

Stay informed, spread the word, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember — Integrity begins at home.

“HOW” Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 2

In HOW Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 1, I shared the deceptive beginnings of the privately controlled Federal Reserve and how its collective owners, the international banking cartel, are using it to siphon away your wealth.  Today, I’ll pick up where I left off and share more about the most powerful monopoly in the world!

The Most Powerful Monopoly in the World!

The most powerful monopoly in the world is the interlocking global Central Bank system, which includes The Federal Reserve. A surprising number of these privately controlled Central Banks, which have economic strangleholds on many countries, are controlled by the same group of international “stockholders”, and their agenda is to engineer every country towards socialism, with them at the top.

As I said in a previous Update, their allegiance is not to ANY country, but to the world-wide financial empire which they have built and which they protect at ALL costs.  (It is this most powerful monopoly in the world that is purposefully shrinking the value of currency world-wide, including YOUR Federal Reserve dollars!)

It is widely reported that the primary stockholders of the major Central Banks of the world include, among others, the following:

Rothschild Bank of London – Rothschild Bank of Berlin – Lazard Brothers of Paris – Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy – Warburg Bank of Amsterdam – Warburg Bank of Hamburg – Lehman Brothers of New York – Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York – Goldman Sachs of New York – Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

Wish You Could Make These Profit Margins?

 On www.federalreserve.gov/faqs/currency_12771.htm, the Federal Reserve website, is a chart showing how much profit the Fed makes on each bill they “authorize” to be printed.

Denomination                Cost of Production

$1                                      5.5 cents per note

$5                                     10.9 cents per note

$10                                   9.9 cents per note

$20 and $50                  10.6 cents per note

$100                                14.3 cents per note

Anyone with a calculator can figure out their profit margin.  (Unless the profit margin calculator I found on the internet was wrong, there’s about a 70,000% “mark-up” on a $100 bill!)  The Fed exchanges those newly created fiat dollars at face value for government bonds.  As noted on the SilverSaversGlobal website, a government bond is nothing more than a glorified “I.O.U.”, promising the Fed that the American people will pay the face value of those dollars back, with interest, out of their personal income taxes!

The Siamese Twins

The Federal Reserve and the IRS are like proverbial Siamese Twins, connected at the hip by the pocketbooks of the American people.  The IRS was created to be the “collection agency” which would collect taxes from the American people to repay the principle plus the interest owed to the Federal Reserve (international banking cartel) for the money that it created out of thin air and “loaned” to the government.  This accounts for a HUGE chunk of our national debt.

(The reason the IRS can be so unwaveringly ruthless is because its ultimate protector and controller is the international banking cartel, not the people or the constitutionally established government it supposedly “serves”.)

In this technical age, often the process of creating money simply involves a few strokes on a keyboard transferring theoretical “digital dollars” from one organization’s account to another organization’s account.  It doesn’t always involve the actual printing of currency.  In this scenario, the Fed doesn’t even have to pay for the paper and ink!

Your Money is Not in the Bank!

In case it has escaped your attention, the international banking cartel’s plan is to herd us towards a totally computerized “cashless” society (plastic cards embedded with I.D. chips).  That’s why acquiring silver and gold is so imperative NOW, while you actually have currency to exchange for it.

The money your bank says you have in your account is not actually in their vault.  Your “balance” is simply a number typed into the bank’s computer representing their I.O.U. to you in “digital” dollars.  Because of the banking practice of “Fractional Reserve Lending”, they are allowed to loan out around 90% of your deposit for a profit.  The percentage varies.  At some institutions it may be more.  They are only required to keep around 10% of their deposits “on hand”.  (That’s why a “run on the bank” is so devastating.)

Those who are trusting in “fiat currency”, or who are basing their financial security on their savings computed in theoretical, I.O.U. “digital” bank dollars, face the very real possibility of being wiped out somewhere in the future!  A government override or a few strokes on a keyboard, and those “digital dollars” could disappear.

In HOW Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 3, I’ll wrap up this brief treatise on the Federal Reserve and reiterate why it is so imperative for you and your family to begin acquiring hard assets immediately.  Until then …

Stay informed, spread the word, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember — Integrity begins at home.

“HOW” Your Wealth is being Stolen …Part 1

In the last three Updates, I shared WHY your wealth is being stolen.  In this Update, I will begin sharing HOW your wealth is being stolen.  It is very crucial to your financial well-being that you understand how this shrewd scheme is victimizing you and robbing you of your true wealth!

If you are reading this, you have probably already read the www.SilverSaversGlobal.com site, and you know the role that the Federal Reserve plays in the greatest Wealth Transfer in history.

If you watched Mike Maloney’s video exposing the Federal Reserve on that page, you are the 1 in 100,000 who knows the truth about the “prestigious” Fed.  Without duplicating everything I said there, I will add some details on how the international financial elite are using the Federal Reserve to siphon away your wealth.

The Deceptive Beginnings of the Federal Reserve!

First, a brief but enlightening history.  In 1902, the Rothschilds sent an expert central banker named Paul Warburg to America with the assignment to establish a Central Bank. For this task, he was paid the meager 1902 annual salary of $500,000 (around $13.5 million in 2016 dollars).  He became a partner in the New York investment firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. (while still in the employ of the Rothschilds) and married Solomon Loeb’s daughter, Nina.  (Sometime, Google “quotes by Paul Warburg and his son, James Paul Warburg”.)

In 1910, Warburg, along with Senator Nelson Aldrich from Rhode Island (who married into the Rockefeller family) and a high level group of Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan banking czars that included the assistant secretary of the treasury; the president of the Rockefeller National City Bank of New York;  a senior partner of J.P. Morgan Company;  the president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York; another Morgan lieutenant who was to become the first governor of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and others, all traveled in Senator Aldrich’s private railroad car 1,000 miles to a private lodge on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

There, with Warburg’s leadership, they secretly drafted the plan for a “private” Central Bank intended to gain control of the nation’s credit and money supply. They knew that America did not want a Central Bank, so they gave it a deceptive name — the Federal Reserve.  Senator Aldrich pledged all participants to secrecy.

The day before Christmas Eve in 1913, when most of the opponents of the Federal Reserve bill, being pushed by Senator Aldrich, had gone home for the Christmas holidays, the scheming proponents maintained just enough congressional members in Washington to ram the Federal Reserve Act through Congress on December 23, 1913. This piece of chicanery became known as the “Christmas massacre”. (Sometime, Google “quotes about the Federal Reserve”.)

The Federal Reserve was immediately brought into inter-locking relationships with the Central Bank of England and the Central Bank of France which were controlled by the same international financiers.

Why the IRS was Created

The push for the Federal Reserve Act was in tandem with the push to set up the 16th Amendment.  The 16th Amendment, also presented to Congress in 1913, created the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  There was no “income tax” in place before the creation of the Federal Reserve!  As mentioned elsewhere, the IRS was created to be the collection agency for the Federal Reserve.

 The version of the 16th Amendment proposal which was finally adopted by Congress in 1913 was Senate Joint Resolution No. 40, which was introduced by — wait for it — Senator Nelson W. Aldrich of Rhode Island.

Who REALLY Controls the Federal Reserve?

Although it is not a “bank” itself, The Federal Reserve System is controlled by its member banks and, therefore, by the private stockholders who control those banks.

The controlling hub of this system is the Federal Reserve “Bank” of New York. At its 1913 inception, of the reportedly 203,053 original shares of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Rockefeller’s National City Bank (now known as Citibank) took 30,000 shares, J.P. Morgan’s First National Bank took 15,000 shares, 6,000 shares went to Chase National Bank, and the National Bank of Commerce (now known as Morgan Guaranty Trust) took 21,000 shares. [Pat Robertson, The New World Order (Dallas, TX, Word Publishing, 1991), pg. 130.]

That only accounts for 72,000 original shares.  I have not researched who took the other 131,053 shares, but many believe that Rothschild and Warburg took the bulk of them.  Due to mergers, acquisitions and share holder buy-outs down through the years, just which world-wide aristocratic families actually own a piece of this Federal Reserve pie is shrouded in secrecy.

On the next Update, HOW Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 2, I will share some more information about the “most powerful monopoly in the world” and why your savings are at such risk.  Until then …

Stay informed, spread the word, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember — Integrity begins at home.

“WHY” Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 3

This is a continuation of WHY Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 2.  After you read the following information, the nightly news and the puzzling direction our country has taken will all start making more sense to you.  Let me begin by saying what I have written in these “WHY” and “HOW” Updates is NOT just my personal opinion.  It is a very small sampling taken from hundreds of pages of documentation, chosen for this Update because it is directly relevant to the critical nature and timeliness of protecting yourself by acquiring silver & gold!

The Attack on Our Culture!

In the last Update, I revealed that one of the goals of this international financially elite group is to strip our culture of its strong traditional Judeo-Christian roots so our country can be shifted from a democratic republic to a socialist state.

That’s why there has been such a blatant attack on Christianity in America.  These elitists know that our founding fathers set up our government in such a way that the Christian religion and the personal liberties enjoyed in a democratic republic are tightly entwined together and dependent upon each other.  There are dozens of founding father quotes to this end.

And, these elitists also know it is much more difficult to steal the wealth of a people who cherish the liberty they have to protect themselves than it is to rob a people who have already been stripped of their personal liberties!  So to accomplish this great “Wealth Transfer”, they must attempt to erode our Christian heritage.  And to do that, one of their strategies is to vilify Christianity as a doctrine of “hate”.

Although initially “humane” sounding, all “hate crime” legislation in America is pre-planned by its highest level promoters to evolve into the intended goal of eventually winding up squarely on the door step of the church, silencing all pastors and de-legitimizing the church itself.  What non-Christians don’t seem to realize is that if this hate crime movement is successful, it will be they too, not just the “Christians” who will lose their liberties.

This attack on our culture is why our school curriculums have been deliberately revised to discredit and distort the motivations of our founding fathers and undermine the true moral foundations of our country in the minds of today’s young people.  That’s also why there is such a high level attempt to politically vilify capitalism.

And, that’s also why paid protestors and rioters are hired to descend en masse upon strategic locations around the country involving certain police scenarios.  And, it’s why the mainstream media propaganda machine gathers there to fan the fabricated flames for the purpose of producing public insecurity, dis-trust in our police protection, and civil unrest which can then be blamed on the failure of our current “constitutionally” based governmental structure.  Of course, most well-meaning reporters don’t realize the way in which they are being used.

The Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine!

I have in my research an account straight from Vol. 54, page 2947, of the Congressional Record, as recorded by Congressman Oscar Callaway,  chronicling the takeover of the American press by the socialist leaning financially elite.  Editors not sympathetic with the socialistic views of the new “owners” were replaced with those who were.  Except for a few small town and rural area newspapers, we have not had a free press in many decades.  The mainstream TV and news magazine mediums have long since been commandeered for the same agenda.

This take-over and make-over has turned the mainstream media into a unified, propaganda machine which is now second to none in the world, including that of Hitler’s and the cold war Pravda of the U.S.S.R.!  This giant  propaganda machine has been re-tooled for the purpose of shaping public opinion in the direction “they” want it shaped (toward socialism), not to simply “report” the news.  They repeatedly “trash” the public figures who do not bow to their socialistic agenda, and favorably promote those who do.  This deceptive facade has been successful largely due to a deceived public’s natural tendency to want to trust the media.

This heavily financed socialistic agenda has been infiltrated into every area of our culture in an attempt to force a new “mindset” on the population for the purpose of deceiving them into being receptive to the socialistic, liberty-stripping plan the world’s elite intend to impose on them upon the event of the financial crisis which “they” are engineering.

As I said in the previous Update, there’s no limit to the depths in which a group can penetrate a society when they already control half of the wealth and industry of the world.

Particularly insidious has been their targeting of the impressionable and questioning youth of America through their centralized, heavily endowed, financial control of most of the secondary and higher education systems and the re-writing of public school history curriculums to give young minds a skewed sense of the American experience.  These purveyors of change are connected, either knowingly or unknowingly, to the same international banking cartel who are busy de-valuing our currency and grabbing up the silver and gold.

 It has become undeniably evident that these culture changers do everything they can to undermine the basic cornerstones of our society.  Many monetary experts fear that the more this socialistic agenda is advanced, the more difficult it will become for the average citizen to acquire real money — silver and gold.  This is why the International Silver Network is emerging as such an important opportunity world-wide at this time in history.

Why the International Silver Network is so Important!

When I ran across the International Silver Network, I realized it was the only network/internet marketing company I had found that was actually preparing citizens for the potential outcome that my research indicated is somewhere on the horizon.  ISN makes it possible for the average person to affordably begin acquiring actual silver and gold bullion at an accelerated pace.  That’s what makes this opportunity so important.

And, that’s why, after 20 years of saying “NO!” to network marketing, I have become so passionate about the opportunity offered to everyone by the International Silver Network!

As I said in the beginning, I wasn’t looking to jump back into any kind of marketing.  After finding out about ISN, I researched it and followed it for about 6 months.  Then I joined and spent another 6 months receiving my monthly auto-shipment and “testing” the dependability and timeliness of ISN’s delivery system and the quality of their customer support.

After being satisfied with the legitimate opportunity ISN offers, coupled with the knowledge I had gained from my research on what is really happening in our country, I saw ISN as a way for the average man/woman to start protecting themselves, building wealth, and helping as many others as possible to do the same, world-wide!  I committed myself full force.

Only, YOU don’t have to wait to start. If you have caught the vision of the magnitude of this opportunity, YOU can begin immediately and be in a completely different place financially a year from now!

In my next Update, HOW Your Wealth is being Stolen, I will share with you details on the deceptive beginnings of the Federal Reserve and how it is being used to transfer the wealth of the people (hard assets) into the hands of an internationally elite few!  That means the continual de-valuation of YOUR paper dollars.  Until then …

Stay informed, spread the word, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember — Integrity begins at home.

“WHY” Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 2

In WHY Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 1, I shared the background of my research and the fact that it led me to discover that there is an international group of financial elite who are engineering the world away from capitalism and towards socialism.  In this Update, I’m going to explain, in a little more detail, the world-wide agenda of this international banking cartel that controls the Federal Reserve and the other central banks of the world.

The Planned Global Currency Crisis!

Part of the plan of this world-dominating international banking cartel is to use their global central banking system (including the Fed) to continually devalue every country’s currency, by excessive over-printing, to the point of an eventual financial crisis.  They then plan to use this crisis to step in and impose upon us a new, world-wide socialistic economic system, possibly “cashless” or a global currency, under the guise of “saving” us.  (I said that was their “plan”.  Whether or not it will be successful remains to be seen.)

The images below represent the U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore, Russia, & South Africa. They are just a few examples of the astounding synchronized, stepped-up increase in the printing of currency in every country controlled by this central banking system.  Because of this deliberate, rapid increase in the printing of “fiat currency” around the globe, EVERY country’s currency is being devalued, and every country is being maneuvered toward an eventual currency crisis.  (Images are from Mike Maloney’s video, Money Vs Currency.)

Excessive money printing is manipulating EVERY country’s “fiat” currency toward Zero!

Like stray-gathering cowboys, they are heading America, and every country with a central bank, towards the box canyon of socialism.  Socialism is the system whereby all manufacturing, production and distribution, land development, media, education, etc., (and eventually the children themselves) are controlled by the government.  And, the government is controlled by a small elite class backed by the military.  All the wealth is eventually held by the elite few.

By the way, socialism has failed in every single country in which it has ever been implemented, and “they” know that.  It is just the opposite of the utopia they claim.  Their concern is not at all about the welfare of the people.  It’s about the focusing and accumulation of power and wealth by an “elite” few who plan to be the “slave owners” of the general population!  Socialism is the vehicle with which they plan to reach that goal.

To achieve this goal of socialism in America, it is mandatory that our Constitution must be progressively attacked and gutted.  But, it is covertly being done through the “back door” approach.  (The proverbial frog in a pan of boiling water.)  Hence, the new tendency of politicians to deceptively describe themselves as “progressives” — translated “socialists”.

These international financial elite are forcing this socialist agenda in varying degrees world-wide, not just in America, through their fervent and intelligent, but mis-guided international army of political, educational, economic and journalistic puppets whose strings are knowingly or unknowingly somehow attached to their money bags.

They have infiltrated every area of public life with their massively financed socialistic agenda.  But they themselves, stay BEHIND the scenes.  Any independent thinker can see through the international-banker-controlled, main-stream media, propaganda machine which, with one synchronized voice, purposely trashes every vestige of capitalism, conservatism, liberty, traditional constitutionalism and every politician who stands for those things.

However, even the most conservative journalists and talk-show hosts, while railing against the “democratic party”, the “biased media” and “progressive politicians”, etc, never seem to mention this world-dominating international financier cartel that controls both democrats and republicans and every tentacle of this socialistic octopus from behind the scenes!  It’s anyone’s guess whether they just haven’t connected all the dots, or whether they know that if they attack THIS group, their career and possibly their life, will be over.

The international banking cartel doesn’t care one whit about doing anything to stop your dollars from depreciating.  They planned it.  And, when the economic situation finally reaches “crisis” status, they have a plan waiting in the wings to restore “stability” to a “distraught” world (under their control, of course).  That’s a paraphrase of a quote from one of the leaders in this international financial cartel!

Their True Allegiance!

Here’s the global truth in a nutshell.  These elite international financiers made their world-dominating wealth through capitalism.  However, although they may display a small veneer of patriotism on the surface, their allegiance is not to any country, but to the borderless, global economic and financial systems which they are engineering and which they plan to control.  Once you understand that, the nightly news begins to make sense.

For the first time in history, the technology actually exists that makes this world-wide connectedness a very real possibility.  This group is now using their phenomenal power to vilify capitalism and force socialism on the world so that their aristocratic family dynasties can stand alone at the top of the world pecking order for generations to come.

One of this group’s carefully-guarded, long-term objectives has been to use their mind-boggling wealth and power (We’re not talking public Billionaires.  We’re talking behind-the-scenes Trillionaires.) to deliberately strip our culture of its strong traditional Judeo-Christian roots, which must be adulterated in order for them to shift us from a constitutional republic to a socialistic state.

When a group collectively controls half of the wealth of the world, there is no limit to the depths with which they can penetrate a society. I will expound more on this in the next Update, which will be eye-opening!  Until then ….

Stay informed, spread the word, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember — Integrity begins at home.

“WHY” Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 1

Hello, and welcome to the very first posting on www.SilverSaversUpdate!  I’m David Burleigh, originator of the www.SilverSaversGlobal.com  duplicable website and author of the Silver Savers Update.

Since you are reading this, I’m assuming you are either a Silver Savers Global affiliate, or, you are considering joining us.  Or, you may have just accidentally stumbled across this site.  No matter the case, everyone needs to know this information!  It will be to your great benefit to read these first few Updates!  And, if you have not already viewed the website, www.SilverSaversGlobal.com, please arm yourself with the knowledge that is found there.

I wanted to dedicate the first few Updates to the subject of  how and why I personally became so passionate about acquiring silver and gold and helping others to do the same. I also wanted to share a little more detail from my research about the elite international financiers’ central banking agenda (talked about on SilverSaversGlobal.com) which is stealing your wealth and driving the urgency for you to accumulate hard assets such as silver and gold.

The comments in this series of Updates are documentably true, and are not meant to be politicized, but are only intended to convey to you the expediency and the seriousness of this issue.

After these first few Updates explaining WHY and HOW your wealth is being stolen, we’ll leave this subject behind and get on with the business of building a world-wide Silver & Gold business.

After 20 Years of Saying “NO”!

 It is important to know the “how” of things. But I believe it is even more important to know the “WHY”. So I am going to share with you why I formed Silver Savers Global in affiliation with the International Silver Network (ISN) after 20 years of saying a big fat “NO” to network marketing. Believe me, I was not “looking” for an internet marketing opportunity when my research surprisingly led me to ISN!

Never Again!

Twenty years ago, I swore I would never again become involved in “network marketing”!  In the mid-nineties, I joined a network marketing company founded by a well-known Televangelist because I believed in the cause. I built an organization in 40 states. But, as I was reaching the highest level in the company, the owner suddenly shut it down.  I spent a while researching every type of networking structure there was and even considered starting my own company. Finally, I became interested in other endeavors and said “no more network marketing for me!”  Except for one idea I briefly toyed with, I’ve turned down every networking opportunity offered to me since.

Research That Shook Me to the Core!

 At that time, I became concerned about the growing break-down of the traditional family unit. As a bi-vocational pastor, I began research for a marriage syllabus with the intent of conducting marriage seminars to help strengthen families. (This was the “other endeavor” mentioned above.)

My research uncovered that a major reason for this family break-down was heavy pressure from the culture, both morally and financially. My focus on the family spilled over into nearly twenty years of off-and-on research on the broader subject of what is really happening in America. My findings would shake many patriotic Americans to the core!

I had no political agendas, and no axes to grind. I was merely trying to find ways to help families.

Over the years, I compiled a bibliography of over 200 resources and hundreds of pages of documentation including names, quotes, dates, meetings, organizations, stated agendas, congressional committee findings, historical evidence, etc.

For a long time, I couldn’t believe what I was discovering.  Then for a while, I wouldn’t believe it.  Finally, the research was indisputable!  I discovered such truths as;  why president Kennedy was really murdered;   what are the real roots and goals of organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, the Central Banks, the giant foundations, etc.  And, why there is such an attack on our Constitution and on Christianity in our nation, which was founded for the very purpose of Christian worship.

I sent a synopsis of my research to a publishing company that publishes books of this nature. Rather than receiving the typical mail response, I received a telephone call from the publisher himself who said that he knew my information was correct because of their own research and because of other books they have published.

Introducing … The International Financial Elite!

I discovered that the cultural upheaval, which we all recognize is happening in our country, is not simply “the natural evolution of an increasingly sophisticated society” as our social manipulators want us to believe. Instead, it is a well planned, heavily financed, carefully engineered and multi-faceted attack on the American people, initiated decades ago by a core group of the world’s financial elite!  And, their purpose is to use their tremendous world-wide power and wealth to shift us from a constitutional republic to a socialist state!

In “WHY” Your Wealth is being Stolen … Part 2, I will go into more detail about the agenda of this hard-core group of internationally financial elite, why they are using their immense wealth and power to manipulate America and the world towards socialism, and what that has to do with the International Silver Network.  Until then …

Stay informed, spread the word, and check out the next Update!

David Burleigh


Remember — Integrity begins at home.